All Physics is Metaphysics. Albert Einstein in a talk with Arnold Sommerfeld

Modern Metaphysics in a Nutshell

Dec 20, 2011

The central subject of metaphysics is the One. The One is being of transcendent nature. It is considered as the foundation of the whole universe. According to modern philosophers, especially logical positivists, metaphysics is no science, because there is no method of verifying the existence of its supposed subject. This view had the effect of making metaphysics as far as modern physics is concerned totally meaningless.

But if we are deeply convinced of the existence of the One then metaphysics has actually to be the central discipline of modern physics. It may sound paradoxical but the very first step to conduct metaphysics as a science is the acceptance of the transcendent character of the One. Only by this step metaphysics can scientifically grow. Otherwise we are completely trapped. If something is really transcendent then there is in principle no way to prove it empirically. Hence, the first step towards a modern metaphysics is the acceptance of this transcendent nature of the One.

If we can take this methodological decision, then we will discover that the only way how we can develop a metaphysical theory of reality is to turn around our usual perspective and to look at the physical universe. If we think more intensively about a foundation of the universe which is of transcendent nature we will discover sooner or later that it probably restricts the structure of the physical universe in such a way that only one structure is likely. If it would be possible to precise this metaphysical structure of the universe then we can empirically check whether our universe does have such a structure or not.

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